Road Construction

Surveyors @ Work are recognised industry leaders in all aspects of major road construction surveying.

  • Data management and document control program implemented across all projects;
  • Confirm design models, convert and load onto the machines and manage this data and any changes;
  • Set up management life-of-project survey control for the machines;
  • Experienced bridge construction surveyors;
  • Experts in all aspects of your set out needs for road construction and all associated infrastructure and services;
  • Experts with DTMR requirements and reporting;
  • As-Constructed reporting with comparisons to design;
  • Accurate earthworks surveys to enable precise end of month volume calculations;
  • Detailed natural and stripped surface pickup to enable accurate projected cut/fill volumes;
  • Verification of schedules;
  • Verification of digital design models against construction drawings;
  • Digital Terrain Modelling of the existing natural surface for design confirmation and discrepancy reporting;
  • Generate accurate control networks designed for whole of life projects and;
  • DTMR standards.

Calliope Crossroads Arterial Interchange

This $120 million project involved construction of an arterial interchange, located at the Calliope Crossroads intersection approximately 20km southwest of the City of Gladstone.  
Surveyors @ Work were contracted by Golding Constructions as the project surveyors and responsible for set out, detailed design and conformance.