UAV – Drones

A UAV or UAS is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Unmanned Aerial System also known as a drone. It is a GPS guided miniature plane or copter that takes geo-referenced high quality photographs that can be used to create a geo-referenced orthophoto and DEM ( digital elevation model ).

It is these DEM’s that Surveyors, Engineers and associated professionals use to create surfaces that are used for design or many other purposes.

Our UAV 

DJI is the market leader in high quality aerial survey technology. We have a M100 and Inspire uav’s with a 2 camera options calibrated for surveying applications to provide the sharpest high resolution and geo referenced photos along with 3D Digital Elevation Models. The ability of the M100 to fly in windy conditions offers a great advantage when time frames need to be met.  We also utilise the Klaus PPK GPS system on our M100 removing the need for Ground Control Points.

Our Accuracy

Our comparisons to Laser Scanning have consistently shown DEM’s produced by the UAV for the purpose of volume reporting to be within 2%. This is an exciting result considering the much quicker survey time and increased safety.

Using a Ground Sampling Distance ( GSD ) of 2cm and Ground Control Points, we are able to obtain accuracies of approximately 40mm in horizontal and vertical. Flying height is approximately 80m and high resolution imagery is sharp. Surface features are easily identified. The higher we fly, the more data we pickup in less time frame but lower accuracy is a result.

Please Note : Surveyors @ Work can be utilised for the capture and deliverable of the DEM and high resolution imagery and we can complete all end of month volumes and reporting.

“With Unmanned Aerial Surveys, we can completely avoid interaction with plant and heavy vehicles whilst producing a very accurate DEM”

Mick Irwin

“ I believe that UAV technology will set a new benchmark for Surveying, GIS and reporting at open cut mine sites all over the world” – Matt Brown | Registered Mine Surveyor 

• Digital elevation models
• Contour surveys
• Stockpile volume and reports
• Subsidence reports
• EOM reporting
• High resolution orthomosaic photography
• Geo referenced dense 3D models
• Compatible with all common GIS and CAD software packages

We are CASA authorised. 
Quality Results and professional service by experienced Surveyor / UAV operator.