Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning delivers uniquely accurate surveying of real-world environments that simply can’t be achieved with traditional surveying.Whilst conventional surveying allows the measurement of individual points at any given time, 3D Laser Scanning creates an accurate spatially correct 3D model or “point cloud” of the scanned site, which can be manipulated with software to registerContinue reading “Laser Scanning”

Road Construction

Surveyors @ Work are recognised industry leaders in all aspects of major road construction surveying. Data management and document control program implemented across all projects; Confirm design models, convert and load onto the machines and manage this data and any changes; Set up management life-of-project survey control for the machines; Experienced bridge construction surveyors; ExpertsContinue reading “Road Construction”

Cadastral Services

Boundary Realignment A boundary realignment is an adjustment of the title boundaries that does not increase the number of existing lots. In many cases a boundary realignment is carried out to resolve encroachment issues between adjoining owners. The boundary in question can be realigned to ensure that the encroachment is contained wholly within the lot that the structure isContinue reading “Cadastral Services”

Mine Survey

Combining the skills of experienced construction and mining surveying specialists, Surveyors @ Work has a complete and unique survey solution for all of our mining clients. Our expertise across all construction processes and our knowledge of statutory and operational mining requirements, allows us to pre-empt problems and provide solutions specific to all projects. This  saves our clientContinue reading “Mine Survey”