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Currently on our major construction projects Surveyors @ Work specialise in the following service.

• DTMR standards
• We generate accurate control networks designed for whole of life projects
• Digital Terrain Modelling of the existing natural surface for design confirmation and discrepancy reporting
• Verification of digital design models against construction drawings
• Verification of schedules
• Detailed natural and stripped surface pickup to enable accurate projected cut/fill volumes
• Accurate earthworks surveys to enable precise end of month volume calculations
• As-Constructed reporting with comparisons to design
• Experts with DTMR requirements and reporting
• Experts in all aspects of your set out needs for road construction and all associated infrastructure and services
• Experienced bridge construction surveyors
• We set up life of project survey control for the machines
• We confirm design models, convert and load onto the machines and manage this data and any changes
• Surveyors @ Work’s own data management and document control program can be implemented across all projects and includes equipment management

set outs

• Experts in all aspects of your set out needs for road construction and all associated infrastructure and services.
• Very experienced bridge construction surveyors.

machine control

• We set up life of project survey control for the machines.
• We confirm design models and convert and load onto the machines and manage this data.

survey manager

• Surveyors @ Work’s own data management and document control program for all projects, ensuring all pickups, volumes and conformance reports are easily accessed.

our staff

•  We understand your projects and the need to be increasingly cost effective. We can provide different levels of Surveyors to suit your requirements from Technicians/Instrument Hands through to very experienced Project Surveyors capable of running; a team of surveyors, machine control, conformance reporting plus staff and client liaisons.

We assist your project managers test matter by advising and

The latest in Innovation and Technology includes –

1.    Machine Control – The start of the fully automated machine future. Until recently Surveyors @ Work owned a full Trimble Machine Control Unit.

2.    UAV’s – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drone capable of achieving excellent results for bulk earthworks, end of month pickups and coloured digital aerial imagery as a value added product for the companies planning or the clients updates.

A UAV can literally be thrown out the back door of the office, fly the target area and return back to the point of takeoff gathering a huge amount of data in a small amount of time.
Surveyors @ Work are one of only a small number of companies to get CASA license to commercially fly a UAV and have invested  $150,000 to implement this service into our company.

3.    Terrestrial Laser Scanner – A stand alone scanner with the ability to measure millions of points to a millimetre accuracy. Surveyors @ Work were the first company in Australia to purchase a Leica C10 Laser Scanner four years ago.

4.    Mobile Mapping –  A mobile laser scanner with the ability of locating millions of points driving along in a car. An example of this product is Google Street View with the ability to measure anything you can see on the imagery.

In the very near future laser scanners will be mounted to any machine. For example, after a dragline has finished its shift, a scan will be done and automatically sent to the office where a calculation can be completed on productivity.

Why should your company utilise Surveyors @ Work on major road projects?

1.    We are a proven supplier in the industry.
2.    We know major road construction.
3.    We know major building construction.
4.    We know quality control and project surveying support.
5.    We have surveyors experienced in all areas including all construction and mining.
6.    We research, develop and enjoy the latest in technology across the industry which enhances our own workplace as well as offering our clients the best practice and productive solutions.

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